Emoji Match-3 and Designer

Platforms: iOS, Android

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🔍👀 Matchy ‘Moji is the delightful, polished, flashy, snazzy, pizazzy, classy, sassy emoji Match-3 experience you’ve been searching for! Design your own emoji with truly endless combinations! 🤯

The easy-to-learn swipe-to-swap gameplay is super satisfying! Match 😀😀😀 like a boss 😎 to complete hundreds of levels, constantly reach achievement milestones, and earn tons of 🎁 gifts! As you progress, you will uncover an interactive, living world with new 🐄🐖🐎 animals, 🌴🌿☘️ plants, and other surprises around every turn!

Your 🤔💡 clever strategies and ➡️💭 forward thinking will pay off beautifully as you crush the puzzles with your cunning and skills! If the going gets rough, push back with powerful boosters!

Customize expressions for your personal emoji! You can make it ☺️ beautiful, make it 😬 ugly, or downright 🤪 goofy — but however you make it, make it yours!

Matchy ‘Moji features:

😆🥳 Fun, pick-up-and-play, easy-to-understand levels!

🤩💥 Massive destruction and special effects beyond all expectations!

🏎💨 Constant progress and achievements shower you with 🎁 gifts!

🌚🌝 Many, 👾 many, 👻 MANY 🤖 familiar 😺 faces 😈 will 🐶 appear 👹 on 👽 your 🐼 adventures! 🙈🙉🙊

🗓🧩 20 new levels typically arrive every other week! Thats, like… 🤓🧮 ~1.42857 levels per day, or something! That adds up to a lot of levels!