Matchy ‘Moji (“match emoji” — get it?) is a Match-3 game as well as a flexible emoji designer!

🤩 The Inspiration

Emojis have become an integral component in the way we, as human beings, have learned to communicate. They are much more than cute little pictures — they express emotion in a way that adds flavor and clarity to countless social exchanges! They enable us to express ourselves better, and to have some fun while we’re at it!

Matchy ‘Moji has been a passion project for years. The emojis are animated and alive, with TONS of references to familiar emoji standard expressions that you will easily recognize from your phones, electronic devices, and social networks! A great many non-expression emojis have been recreated to flesh out the world.

Nearly every animal, plant, power-up, item, and object in Matchy ‘Moji is a recreation of the emojis we have come to know and love. Great respect has been given to the designs, how they relate to the existing emoji beyond the game, and the way in which we use them. Matchy ‘Moji is truly a love letter to the emoji world!

🎮 The Game

Match-3 is a great, clever, and approachable game genre to use as the basis for a game based around emojis. The sheer variety of game mechanics and elements in a game like this presents a huge opportunity to showcase familiar emojis in ways that make sense and feel intuitive and familiar! Building a living, interactive world around the levels was similarly important, as the world outside of the puzzles, and the plants and creatures that live in it, all contribute to your sense of immersion.

The gameplay itself? It’s the smoothest, flashiest, most polished Match-3 you will find. Destruction effects have been cranked up to 11, because who doesn’t like a little pizzazz, right? Intuitive improvements have been made to the way you can interact with the game elements that help to push Matchy ‘Moji above the norm. More information about these improvements will become available soon.

Here at Bitty Bit Studios, “ho-hum” is not an acceptable quality target! We reached for the sky with Matchy ‘Moji!

📝 The Designer

Designing a game centered around emoji presented an opportunity to allow you to express yourself through a personalized and expressive emoji. To that end, we made hundreds of emoji parts within Matchy ‘Moji that can be used in your designs! Parts can be moved, rotated, and scaled for that extra-careful personalization!

Your emoji reacts to the gameplay and changes expressions while you play based on how well you’re progressing, and it celebrates your achievements with special expressions. All of these are customizable! You can also export photos of your emoji and share them on social media!

Speaking of which…

🗣 Social Media

Beginning on 📅 World Emoji Day (July 17), a unique emoji design from Matchy ‘Moji will be posted every day on the official Matchy ‘Moji Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @MatchyMoji!

For more media from Matchy ‘Moji, check out the main page here!